5 Benefits of Having a Leather Backpack

Leather backpacks are increasingly popular today, and for several reasons. Leather has been used for making bags for thousands of years, and is now seeing a resurgence. In this article, we’ll explain exactly why handmade leather backpacks are becoming so sought after. Here are the five greatest benefits of having a leather backpack.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Leather has always been known for its impressive durability. A handmade backpack made using leather is made to last a lifetime. You can use a leather backpack every single day and never see it get torn or fall apart. Its durability also lies in its incredible flexibility, which allows it to become shaped into many different kinds of unique forms.

Natural Material

There’s lots of talk of sustainability and eco-friendly materials these days. Well, leather is actually one of the most natural and eco-friendly materials you could make a backpack out of. Synthetic fibers are made using toxic chemicals and ingredients, leading to massive environmental pollution. Leather is a natural material, which means your health, and the health of the environment, will be better off.

Waterproof & Breathable

Handmade leather backpacks are more waterproof and breathable. It’s an extraordinary feat of nature to be able to have both of these features, yet leather has them. All your belongings stowed away within a leather backpack made to last a lifetime will be protected. Of course, don’t dunk your backpack in a pool if you don’t need to! Also, the breathability of leather ensures that bad odors, fungus, and dust mites will be nonexistent.


While on the surface handmade leather backpacks made appear more expensive than the alternatives, they are more economical over time. Since they are made to last a lifetime, you can have a leather backpack for decades (when you take care of it). That means you won’t have to replace your backpack every few years as you normally would other types of backpacks.

Stylish & Sophisticated

A handmade leather backpack is both stylish and sophisticated. You’ll feel really classy with one, and will stand out as someone who understands how to be elegant. Leather has a timelessness quality to it, so you can look stylish for years to come.